Playlist Norwegian Lyrics

Music with Norwegian lyrics – A Playlist

It was a little quiet here. I had (and still have) a lot of custom work at the moment, what is really good of course, but it left me too little time for my own stuff. There is just one cool thing: during my work I sometimes listen to music on YouTube and while getting lost in some boring text settings, it’ s great to have activated the autoplay function…

So it happened that I also came across some bands and solo artists with Norwegian vocals. Since I am learning Norwegian for a while now, I bookmarked most of them, even if some are not quite my type of music.

Well, I thought it could be a good idea to make a post with it and list them here (the order has no meaning btw). Maybe some of you discover something new. Just note: there is no metal – even if Norway is a big part of the metal scene, but unfortunately its vocals are often too hard to understand 😉


Siri Nilsen (Folk/Pop)


Kristian Kristensen (Pop)


JulietNorth (Julie Alapnes, Folk)


Daniel Kvammen (Pop)


Hanne Kolstø (Indierock/Pop)


Sondre Justad (Pop)


Kråkesølv (Indie-Rock/Indie-Pop)


Virkelig (Pop/Rock)


Trygve Skaug (Folk/Pop)