// Hei, my name is Stefanie and
I’m a nordic worker. //

I create print, vector and hand drawn stuff with an open mind and a nordic heart.  ♡

„Did you mean Nordic Walking?“


That’s what Google probably asked you when typing in “NordicWorking”. But if you are not actually looking for any sports equipment, you didn’t type wrong. And I welcome you to my portfolio site!


So why NordicWorking? – I’m originally born in Hamburg so my roots are in the North anyway. But since a canoe trip to Sweden more than 20 years ago, I am heading even further north. Since then there is the feeling of going home when travelling to Scandinavia and the Scandinavian countries, their nature, their people, their music and their design, became my passion.


My other passion is my work and I am really grateful to be able to say that. Creating, drawing, solving problems and constantly developing my skills is what I love to do and what I will do forever.


So why not combine both passions and make it my brand? NordicWorking was born and it’s the perfect merge of both. NordicWorking is me.



And what does NordicWorking do?


I create a lot of different stuff. Because I think, there’s not that one direction to follow. Every project needs a unique way to work with and so I always start working with an open mind for new ideas.


My focal point is on editorial and corporate design and when it comes to illustration I feel at home in Illustrator and Procreate as well as with pencil and ink.


I am very happy to announce that many of my clients are committed to social and environmental projects and I would love to get involved there even much more. There is no bigger crisis than the climate crisis we are facing right now and with the climate crisis there also comes social crises. My job just feels so much more reasonable for me, when the stuff I create contributes to help in any way.



Collecting, connecting and learning.


When I built up this website I also started the  Northbound collection. It is the place where I wanted to collect all projects and people from Scandinavia that impress and inspire me in some way.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, I wasn’t able to carry on like I did before. But it’s still my jewel case and I don’t have the heart to delete it. So, I am working on a new concept that should be more focused on environmental projects and also contain some insights of my current work. Be patient and stay tuned!



Now it’s up to you:


You are looking for a designer or illustrator just like me? You are a designer or illustrator or whatever and  interested in a cooperation? Or maybe you have some nice input for my Northbound collection?


Great! I would be happy to hear from you!


Ha det bra så lenge .