// I live and work with

my head in the clouds and my

feet on the ground. //

Hei! My name is Stefanie and I am a graphic designer and illustrator with a nordic heart. I am focused on editorial design, corporate design and vector illustration.


Many times my family has to bring me back down to earth when I am dreaming again of a life in Scandinavia. But it’s not only that I’m fascinated of these beautiful landscapes, the lovable cities and these kind and hospitable people. Scandinavia also has worldbeating designers!


Their design is usually known as clear, elegant and minimalistic, but can also be bold and loud in its own way. Designers form Norway, Sweden and also Denmark are experts in finding the most simple and intelligent design solutions and they became a big inspiration source for my own work. Nordic Working is my way to combine passion and profession.


Let’s also do some great nordic work together by figuring out the essence of your individual project and build a design around it that communicates your message in the most simple and good looking way!  



Collecting, connecting and learning.


In my Northbound collection you can find some agencies, freelance designers and illustrators, as well as many other creative people and projects from Scandinavia. There is also a little more about me and the idea behind Nordic Working.


What else?


if I am not busy enough with client work, research for my collection, my two awesome children, dancing or learning Norwegian, I also love to create my own stuff. There is no special style or technique, I like to try new things, depending on my mood. But my favourite tools are pencil, fineliner pen and vectors. See some results here or follow me on instagram for more.


Now it’s up to you:


You have a project and  like my work? You are a designer, illustrator or whatever and interested in a cooperation? Or maybe you have some nice input for my collection?

I would be happy to hear from you!


Ha det bra så lenge!

nordicworking - head in the clouds