together-for-future-poster together-for-future-in action together-for-future-in action

Poster and flag design, adaption for social media


May 2019

featured, graphic design

It all began with the Swedish girl Greta Thunberg in 2018, who started sitting in front of the Swedish parliament every Friday and striking for the climate instead of going to school. Many pupils followed – all over the world – and in the meantime this school strike became a real big movement, the FridaysForFuture climate strikes. It spread in social media and the press and could not be ignored anymore. Even not by the politicians.


New organisations formed themselves like e.g. ScientistsForFuture, FarmersForFuture, ArtistsForFuture and so on. TogetherForFuture now is a German organisation for everyone – students, trainees, employees, entrepreneurs, women, men, singles, parents, aunts and uncles …


I was asked to design the poster for TogetherForFuture for the global demo on May, 24 on the occasion of the Europaen elections. And who has followed my last activities wouldn’t ask if I said yes  🙂  The poster was spread all over Berlin and there was also made anadaption for a flag that was taken on a hybrid boat across the Spree through the city of Berlin. Of course there were also announcements on several social media channels.