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Befl├╝gelt von


Logo redesign


December, 2019

graphic design is a blog about Brandenburg, its people, their stories and the region in general. The name means something like “inspired by …”


I was asked to redesign its logo and give it a modern and timeless look. One problem of the old logo also was its breadth, what made it difficult to use it in social media profiles for example. So the new one has to be more compact.


The first idea was to use some of the old elements to keep it recognizable, but that ended up in a design that somehow reminded of a peace dove (no. 1 and 2) So I changed the bird into a native animal of Brandenburg – a buzzard. The shape around it and the landscape symbols are reminiscent of an emblem and represent the connection to the country (no. 1 – 4). Later this shape became just a circle and could now also remind of a sun.


Another idea – a feather, referring to the blog (no. 5 and 6) – was rejected by the client.