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Nordzeit erleben


Logo and corporate design


August 2019

graphic design

The idea of “Nordzeit” (North Time) is a holiday residence including an overall concept for physical and mental health.


In the near future, the cosy little home will open its doors for you in a typical house of Northern Germany (Nordzeit Gästehaus). It’s located close to the beach of the Baltic Sea and perfect for spending relaxing holidays.


Then, little by little, this holiday home will become the base for a regenerative time-out, where you can choose from several offers like meditation courses, burn-out prevention, wellness, paddling, horse riding and more.


This concept is reflected in the logo family. “Nordzeit erleben” (experience North time) is the superior brand and combines “Auszeit” (time-out) with the Northern location (Nord) and the experience (erleben) of a holistic self-care, physically and mentally. Furthermore there are the three pillars “Nordzeit Gästehaus” (holiday home), “Nordzeit Lebenswerkstatt” (“life workshop” that contains all offers for the mental recovering) and “Nordzeit Wellness” (for the physical health and relaxation).


Right now there is already a business card finished, a map for the website and a small design manual that shows the basic guidelines for the logos, the typography and the colors. More stuff is coming soon.