Brochure "Aufbau eines digitalen Ergebnis- und Wirkungsmonitorings"


October, 2017

featured, graphic design

Arbeit und Leben (Work and Life) is an institution of political education for youths and adults. It’s supported by Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (DGB / German Trade Union Federation) and Volkshochschulen (VHS / adult education centre).


This presented brochure is a manual for people managing and deciding about government-financed councelling and coaching offers. It helps showing the successes and failures of those programs systematically.


There were no corporate guidelines available, except the logo, the color scheme and some icons, what ment that I was very free in planning the brochure. One target was to present the relatively dry topic as easy as possible, so the result was this playful and casual looking layout, that nevertheless has a clear structure to guide the reader through the manual.


Due to a little budget the illustrations were taken from Many thanks for that great source!