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Brochure "Gemeinsam Gestalten"


July, 2018

featured, graphic design

DialogBereiter is a team of six passionate people, who got in contact with the refugee topic in very different ways: as a refugee oneself, as staff of the public authority and as volunteers. Through these completely different perspectives and their negative and positive experiences, they got a comprehensive insight in the challenges and problems that came along with acommodation and integration of refugees. Their aim was to bring together all their experiences and informations (collected since 2016) into a clearly arranged handbook, that should help everyone in Germany, whether a volunteer, a social worker or a public staff member, to avoid mistakes and work more effectively.


The originally planned 40 pages finally became an extensive work of 88 pages, that I managed to finish however within a relatively short time – thanks to my colleague Patricia Alonso (Cascanus Grafikdesign)! It was asked for a light design with as much white space as possible and a clear text structure, which makes the interspersed quotes, information blocks and recommended courses of action easily recognizable. In addition there were many interviews to be placed in, for which I chose the speech bubble of the logo as a design element. The many footnotes were collected at the end, so that they don’t disturb the clarity.


The handbook was printed on Circle Offset Premium White, an uncoated paper with a pleasing white level and a nice surface feel.


DialogBereiter is a projekt of Sozialhelden e. V.