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Petter Carlsen


Website Re-Design


October, 2015

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graphic design


Petter Carlsen is a very talented singer-songwriter from Alta, far up in the north of Norway. He creates kind of melancholic Pop with elements from Indie and Folk and newly electronic music, dominated by his clear voice.


His music played a big role in my life for a long time and this year – with some luck, courage and a bit stubborness – I got the chance to re-design his website.


The site was already done to promote the new album „Sirens“ (released September 2014) but it was made very quick and so, in my opinion, it had not much personality.


A main step was to change the structure to get a better focus on the music and where to buy it. I made a light and a dark layout but chose the dark one that reminds me of the long darkness in the Northern life. Colour accents are made in red, according to the red guitar which is often the only colourful thing Petter wears on stage. Big pictures show the personality behind the music and an event calendar gives an overview of when and where to see him live.


The nice pictures (except of the about-portrait) are made by Mads Suhr Pettersen and Mirjam Bosch.