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Website Relaunch


September, 2015

graphic design


Buchhalter Berlin is an account department based on two spots in Berlin that is specialized in administrative accounting, wage and salary accounting, business management consulting and assistance for nonprofit associations. Their special features are their ecological and social commitment and their retro designed offices with a nice and big collection of old office equipment.


In the course of a complete new corporate design, I was asked to relaunch the website and realise it in WordPress. The only demand was to keep the yellow colour and the logo.


The old site, that you can see in the last pic, striked the user with too much yellow and a lot of text and information with a lack of reader-friendly structure.


For the relaunch a new navigation structure was developed so that all important informations can now be found more easily. A few new items were integrated, like the history of the company, portraits of the staff and infomations about clients and partners. The important feature, the ecological and social commitment, got an own section and is now more obvious to the user. That all together allows a closer look at the backstage and conveys a sympathic and trustable impression of the company.


The design picks up the apperance of the office by using different collages from black and white retro pictures in the header and by using old styled icons for the main features. The yellow colour is still very dominant but now steps back a bit to make the reading more eye-friendly.



Buchhalter Berlin belongs to the Buchhalterfabrik Limited that is mainly located in Birmingham.