Terry Reintke


Logo and small Corporate Design


September- November 2023

featured, graphic design

Terry Reintke isĀ  a European, a politician and a feminist. “Making politics for the people of Europe is my passion, my profession and my life’s work. As Co-Chair, I get to lead the Green Group – the largest ever in the European Parliament. I have been an MEP for nine years, fighting for a Green Social Europe that guarantees fundamental rights for all and respects the rule of law. I defend our democracy and freedom against the authoritarian backlash from the right.”

Terry stands for green transformation and green industrial policy , social justice, freedom and democracy. She lives her lesbian relationship openly and wants to be an encouragement for many queer people in Europe and around the world to come out and take their place in society.


I was asked to design a new logo for Terry Reintke that reflects her personality and work as a politician. It had to be able to be used both as a stand-alone logo and in combination with the Greens/EFA logo.


I opted for a very colourful and variable design. The colours of the rainbow are a symbol of Terry’s energy and her openness to diversity. The rainbow is the main colour concept, but the colours in the logo can also be changed over the course of the context for which it is used.


The design is complemented by The Green’s typography and some doodle elements that offer a wide range of playful design possibilities.