MOTHER Magazine (Melissa Schäfer)


Portrait series for the online edition of the magazine


May-Oct 2023

Photographer portraits

01 - Charly Safley
02 - Elin Zlatkovic
03 - Elisabeth Gadd
04 - Hannah Claire
05 - Inger Vandyke
06 - Brooke Pyke
07 - Ketter Raudmets
08 - Julie Chandelier
09 - Amanda Morrisson
10 - Alexandra Surkova
11 - Ami Vitale
12 - Meesh
13 - Lara Jackson
14 - Helen Walne
15 - Tiina Itkonen

illustration, personal work

Melissa Schäfer is the founder and creator of the wonderful magazine MOTHER, which supports female photographers who focus on nature, wildlife and the environment.


We had been in contact before, when I made a portrait of her for Climate Illustrated. And now one day she asked me if I wanted to do some illustrations for the second issue of MOTHER. Of course I agreed and decided to draw a portrait of every photographer featured in the magazine – 15 portraits in total.


In the magazine, each photographer tells a story about an animal, a theme of her work or something that concerns her the most. So each portrait was combined with that animal or something that best represents the theme of their story.


I tried to capture the personality of each woman as much as possible, which wasn’t easy because I only had a few photos of them and never got to meet them in real life.


The portraits are pencil drawings that were colored in Photoshop.