Wohnungsgenossenschaft Marzahner Tor eG, Berlin


Illustrations for a magazine about energy-saving


Sept/Oct 2022

client work, illustration

The Marzahner Tor eG is a housing cooperative in the Berlin district of Marzahn, which also describes itself as a “Wohnf├╝hlgenossenschaft” (a housing cooperative where you feel very comfortable) for young, young-at-heart and older tenants. Marzahn itself is a Berlin district known primarily for a low-income population.


In 2022, the cooperative decided to publish a magazine that would introduce its tenants to the possibilities of climate-friendly living. This was not to be done with commandments and the raised forefinger, but in a humorous and playful way. This led to the idea of double-page, detailed illustrations that show and explain important energy-saving measures.