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Hebammen Magazin


Series of illustrations on the topic "Skin" (German sayings)


March 2022

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The “Hebammen Forum” is a monthly journal for midwives.


I was asked to illustrate the main article about skin. The subjects for the illustrations were several German sayings, not all of which can be translated into English. And as a bonus the readers could win a book when recognizing at least 5 of them.


I was totally free in style. Due to little time I chose a flat digital style that was easy to scale and correct.



The sayings in order from top to bottom:

  1. Die nackte Haut retten (To safe one’s skin)
  2. Das geht auf keine Kuhhaut (That doesn’t go on cowhide)
  3. Dünnhäutig sein (To be thin-skinned)
  4. Nicht aus seiner Haut können (Not being able to take off one’s skin / The leopard can’t change its spots)
  5. Eine ehrliche Haut sein (To be an honest skin (soul))
  6. Auf der faulen Haut liegen (To lie on one’s rotten (lazy) skin / To laze around)
  7. Aus der Haut fahren (To drive out off one’s skin / To go up the wall
  8. Mit Haut und Haaren lieben / fressen  (To love / to feed with neck and crop (skin and hair))