Arbeit und Leben Berlin-Brandenburg DGB/VHS e. V.


Webdesign and Illustration


November 2021 - February 2022

client work, graphic design

Arbeit und Leben Berlin Brandenburg e. V. is the joint educational organization of the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) and the adult education centers (VHS). It was founded with the aim of supporting the new democratic beginning in 1945 with political education. Now with the goal of actively helping to shape social cohesion as well as education that shows solidarity and involves people, which is more important than ever in these times.


In the course of the newly developed corporate design, I had the task of completely redesigning the website and also assisting with the restructuring. The result is a friendly, clearly structured and well-arranged site that helps the visitor to find his way through the many offers of Arbeit und Leben. The header illustrations, which I also created, lighten up the amount of information and provide orientation.