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Vector illustrations and layout for height charts and advertising material


since January 2018


(closed 2023)




Bonoboo – Abenteuer Wachsen (“the adventure of growing up”) is a brand new start up business in Berlin/Brandenburg, that creates textile height charts for kids and their parents. These height charts can be pasted up with matching stickers to record your children’s milestones. Some are pre-labeled, some are blank, so you can write down whatever is worth to be kept in memory. They are measured from 50 up to 140 cm. When your child got taller, you can remove the height chart from the wall without trace, roll it up and keep it save in the corresponding time capsule and maybe give it to your child when it’s leaving home or getting married  đŸ˜‰


Bonoboo height charts are completely made in Germany, without any chemical products and packed in a workshop for handicapped people. Every textile set contains the height chart, corresponding stickers, the time capsule with a matching label, the glue dots, an instructions card, a greeting card, a pen and a little surprise. At the moment there are six themes available from which three are made by me. Soon there will be also some cheaper sets with the same themes printed on paper and just blank stickers. New height charts are in progress.


Beside the illustration and creation of the three height charts “Abenteuer Ozean” (ocean), “Abenteuer Weltall” (space) and”Abenteuer Fliegen” (flying), I also made the illustrations for and the layout of the instructions card, the flyers, the header and the preview images for the online shop, some character illustrations of the little monkey “boo” and several other items used for advertising and trade (vouchers, package bands, postcards…)