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March 2023

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client work, featured, graphic design

I came to this beautiful project through my work for Climate Illustrated. A book written by Dr. Julia Bentz, a sustainability scientist at the Nova University in Lisbon and at the Freie Universität Berlin, co-created by Marte Skaara (Climate Creativity) and edited by Wendy Anne Kopisch (GEI – Leipniz Institute für Bildungsmedien / Georg-Eckert-Institut)


This book shows how creative methods involving stories and art can help educators to address the challenging topics of climate change and peace via new channels that inspire their learners and underline the role of each individual, with their specific talents and worldviews, in engaging with the crucial questions of this generation. (Quote:


The stories and illustrations at the end of the chapters are made by various authors and illustrators from very different parts of the world. I have taken up elements and colors from these illustrations to structure and design the individual sections of the book.


As a final picture you can see Marte Skaara (left) and the author Dr. Julia Bentz at the book launch at Freie Universität Berlin on June 20th, 2023.