How we treated our earth over decades is nonexcusable and in many ways  even irreversible. And the worst is, that we already know about it for a long time without changing our behaviour – or not changing enough. This year – also thanks to Greta Thunberg and the many young activists that are following her lead all over the world – I get the impression that there is finally some movement. But time is running out …


I am not a political active person and don’t like to be in public. But nevertheless I thought about what I am able to contribute within my means and my talents. So I decided to design interesting and alarming facts like infographics and so communicate them in a most easy and appealing way. They can be downloaded and used for instagram posts for example (#realizepanicact). For download click here or the button “Download & Share” above the pictures. From April 1st, 2019 I will post one fact every week (maybe later more) here and on one of my instagram accounts.


The single graphic elements are for sale on Creative Market for everyone who may need a way to illustrate social media posts, websites, flyers and so on. They are easy to edit and to combine and offer a wide range of possibilities to illustrate projects.


I am well aware that I am just doing what already many other accounts do – to point on facts. I am just doing it in my own way and believe that it cannot be done often enough. The more people understand, the more small steps will cause a big change.


Please feel free to share and repost these images!