Petter Carlsen


Website Redesign


September, 2020

client work, featured

This is the second update of my previous work for the Norwegian musician Petter Carlsen.


Back then in 2015 I took the existing theme and just made a new design. But with the first update in 2017, due to some discrepances between the technical components that appeared by and by and that couldn’t be elaminated easily, we decided to make a fresh start with a new WordPress theme simultaneously with Petter bringing out his new album “Glimt”.


Today, in 2020, there’s a new album coming, so the website needed a little makeover again. Additionally to the fresh home page design (album cover designed by there’s now a connection to Facebook events on the “Tour Dates” section. Compared to the previous event calendar this will make updates easier. Unfortunately this year there wasn’t much to show due to known reasons …