Berliner Volkshochschulen (VHS)


Illustration and Layout for the AGiL campaign (Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung in Lernhäusern)


February/March, 2021

featured, illustration

In Germany there are more than 7 million adult people who cannot write or read or have huge problems with it. They are denied to lap their full potential in job and life. Many of them try to hide this disability because they are embarrassed. But analphabetism doesn’t mean a lack of intelligence. It can be caused by difficult social circumstances, immigration or a long physical or psycological disease.


The Berlin adult education centres (Berliner Volkshochschulen – HVS) started a campaign to reach those people and help them to get a job and find their place in life. This project is called “AGiL – Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung in Lernhäusern” (alphabetisation and basic education in “learning houses”).


I was asked to develop an eye-catching image and to layout posters and flyers that are easy to understand (note: the original version contained much less text …) and I remembered some sketches I made for another project a few years ago, but that were never used (image 2). The man climbing the stairs was perfect to show that alphabetisation can be a booster for the career and that it is possible to overcome this deficit with some determination and energy.


First I was thinking about creating a genderless person with no natural skin color to include all gender and nationalities, but the VHS decided better to go with a man and a woman. The colors are based on the VHS colors and the font I used is especially made for people with reading disabilities (Lexie Readable by K-Type).