Questionnaire layout


January, 2020

featured, graphic design

A quick layout project for the agency Berlin “BÄR meets ADLER” that is focused on education, work and regional development.


Comissioned was a questionnaire for pupils of vocational schools with focus on integrated education (for e.g. refugees and native youths without any graduation). With long-term internship and close collaborations with companies it should be established a basis for the further carreer.


The questionnare had to be structured clearly with a positive and motivational look. So the individual sections were marked with different colors and I used some illustrations to give it all a bit more casual look. On some pages the characters motivate the pupils to continue by saying “Sehr gut! Weiter so!” (Very nice! Go on!), “Halbzeit” (first half) and “Halte durch. Du bist fast fertig!” (Keep going. You`re almost done!). At the end they are thanked and complimented on their efforts.


For the lack of time, I didn’t use own illustrations but some nice ones by Freepik.