Corporate Design and Layout


Since January 2021

graphic design

PayPense is an app to bring PAYment and exPENSE management together. It makes it easy for companies to manage all travel expenses and per diem refunds of their employees. Every employee gets an account, a virtual and physical Debit Mastercard and the app for IOS or Android. The app can be used on both mobile devices and desktops.


PayPense is a very young company from Bamberg, Germany. There was no visual structure in publications and marketing materials yet, so I was asked to change that. We started with a few graphical basics to be used throughout all layouts, like the colors, the slant and the visual language – mostly adopted form the existing card and logo.


The first project was a user guide (20 pages, picture 1-2), followed by a contract, a quick guide (3 pages), a one pager (picture 4), and some Powerpoint master slides and graphics (picture 4).