July, 2020



The Corona lockdown with two school kids was very confusing, scaring and chaotic for me. While some people didn‘t know what to do with the forced free time, I drowned in the requirements of everyday life (homeschooling, household, commissioned work) and awfully neglected my drawing skills. The first face I tried to draw after a lot of time not even touching a pencil, was so horribly bad, that I decided to use the school holiday time to meet a challenge and draw one face every day for the next 30 days. On July, 2nd I started this self improvement challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #30daysoffacedrawing. I tried to vary a lot and not only draw the “common” celebrities. It often depended on my daily mood, which kind of face I liked to draw and some are also wishes of my followers.


At the end I was quite proud that I really managed to finish one portrait (almost) every day. I reached my goal to get much more confident in drawing a face and it was a lot of fun. Next challenge will be poses, I think.


Portrayed people:

1/30     Unknown

2/30     Unknown (quick study)

3/30     Skade (The Last Kingdom)

4/30     Keanu Reeves

5/30     Unknown

6/30     Mary Beard

7/30     Unknown (Reference photo by Dietmar Temps via Pinterest)

8/30     Unknown (Reference photo by Bruce Gilden via Pinterest)

9/30     Unknown (quick study)

10/30    Olafúr Arnalds (Icelandic musician)

11/30     Unknown (“comic style”)

12/30    Unknown

13/30    Horst Lichter (German television presenter and cook)

14/30    Doyle Wolgang von Frankenstein (The Misfits)

15/30    Unknown (Reference photo by reisen-fotografie.de via Pinterest)

16/30    Robin Williams

17/30    Helga Feddersen (German sctress and comedian)

18/30    Dr. Maya Angelou

19/30    Walter Matthau (caricature)

20/30   Unknown

21/30    Ilka Brühl (blogger, model and illustrator)

22/30   Tina Turner

23/30   Emma Stone

24/30   Daniel Brühl (German actor)

25/30   Robert de Niro

26/30   Eddie Redmayne

27/30   Mick Jagger (the young one)

28/30   Billie Eilish

29/30   Bastian Pastewka (German comedian and actor)

30/30   Self-portrait