July, 2020


personal work

The Corona lockdown with two school kids was very confusing, scaring and chaotic for me. While some people didn‘t know what to do with the forced free time, I drowned in the requirements of everyday life (homeschooling, household, commissioned work) and awfully neglected my drawing skills. The first face I tried to draw after a lot of time not even touching a pencil, was so horribly bad, that I decided to use the school holiday time to meet a challenge and draw one face every day for the next 30 days. On July, 2nd I started this self improvement challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #30daysoffacedrawing. I tried to vary a lot and not only draw the “common” celebrities. It often depended on my daily mood, which kind of face I liked to draw and some are also wishes of my followers.


At the end I was quite proud that I really managed to finish one portrait (almost) every day. I reached my goal to get much more confident in drawing a face and it was a lot of fun. Next challenge will be poses, I think.


Portrayed people:

1/30     Unknown

2/30     Unknown (quick study)

3/30     Skade (The Last Kingdom)

4/30     Keanu Reeves

5/30     Unknown

6/30     Mary Beard

7/30     Unknown (Reference photo by Dietmar Temps via Pinterest)

8/30     Unknown (Reference photo by Bruce Gilden via Pinterest)

9/30     Unknown (quick study)

10/30    Olafúr Arnalds (Icelandic musician)

11/30     Unknown (“comic style”)

12/30    Unknown

13/30    Horst Lichter (German television presenter and cook)

14/30    Doyle Wolgang von Frankenstein (The Misfits)

15/30    Unknown (Reference photo by reisen-fotografie.de via Pinterest)

16/30    Robin Williams

17/30    Helga Feddersen (German sctress and comedian)

18/30    Dr. Maya Angelou

19/30    Walter Matthau (caricature)

20/30   Unknown

21/30    Ilka Brühl (blogger, model and illustrator)

22/30   Tina Turner

23/30   Emma Stone

24/30   Daniel Brühl (German actor)

25/30   Robert de Niro

26/30   Eddie Redmayne

27/30   Mick Jagger (the young one)

28/30   Billie Eilish

29/30   Bastian Pastewka (German comedian and actor)

30/30   Self-portrait